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The Crime Stoppers Band is a non-profit, volunteer group of Lufkin Police officers. Having been formed 1987, the group rivals all amateur and professional groups for longevity, and provides entertainment to nursing homes, schools, fairs, reunions and many other community events.

The musical group is sponsored by Crime Stoppers of Lufkin, Inc. and accepts donations for that organization.

The band plays a variety of music including country, rock and roll, swing, blues and jazz. They have played for over 110,000 people and have traveled as far away as Illinois, Louisiana and throughout central and east Texas.

In 1988, the band was honored as Police Officers of the Year in Lufkin by their Department. Texas Crime Stoppers awarded the band as Most Innovative Publicity for Crime Stoppers in 1994. The band has twice played for the annual State Crime Stoppers Conference. In 1998 the band was presented the Community Service Award and selected as Police Officers of the Year at the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet sponsored by local businesses. The group has released two albums, one in 1991 and another in 1997.  In 2004, the band was featured on Texas Country Reporter.

Band members are :  Greg Denman (keyboard, harmonica, and vocals), Alton Lenderman (lead and rhythm guitar and vocals), Keith Lewing (drums and vocals), Bradley Baker (bass guitar), and Randy Stallard (guitars and vocals)